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How to point domain name to an IP Address of VPS Server
This is the second part of this video series. In this video you are going to learn: How to point domain name to an IP address of a server.

Point domain to VPS or any Server SIMPLE and FAST
Get your domain pointed to VPS or any Server very fast and quick. Just add A Record into domain registrar website. And also add some CNAME (optionally but ...

How to Setup DNS for VPS - VPS tutorial
This video can help you to do a domain name system settings on your panel domain. Examples of cases in this video is Namecheap panel domain that is ...

DNS Server Setup On Ubuntu 14.04 VPS
Setting Up DNS Services in Ubuntu 14.04 VPS : I have just purchased a new VPS so thought of making a video on how to install and configure bind9 services.

Setup DNS from godaddy with DigitalOcean Host - Custom Domain Name setup VPS
Setup DNS from GoDaddy with DigitalOcean Droplet. Add Custom Domain Name to DigitalOcean droplet. This is a demonstration of how to point digital ocean ...