YAPS consists of a group of individuals who are interested in advancing Africa brain gain progress though Sino-Africa relations. It is our group’s effort to help fashion and implement the best strategies for our members to pool and utilize their knowledge, skills and networks to support continental agenda.

YAPS has unique intellectual, technical, cultural and insight of China and African countries. These resources remain largely untapped.

In recognition of this potential, YAPS as an organization has created a platform to develop substantive, high impact initiatives that can have powerful transformational effects on our members learning curve and role in Africa’s development and international relations by:

● Creating conducive platform for ideas exchanges and networking
● Providing a framework for resource-pooling by Young Africans globally to enable them to have much greater impact on African development
● Leveraging on the FOFAC commitments to boost or scale up creation of initiatives that will enable our members to identify development opportunities in their countries.
● Sharing information through newsletters, social media and networking events
● Creating a bridge between our members and corporate society, African embassies, China-Africa associations, African Diaspora at large and other institutions with interest in China-Africa relations.
● Converting our members’ intellectual capital and China-Africa knowledge into marketable skills
● Participating in exchanges, conferences, roundtable discussions to enhance content on topics related to China Africa relations
● Promote African entrepreneurship from returning students to ensure knowledge and technology transfer
● Encouraging absorption of Africa-China Alumni into civil society sector for enhancement of human and institutional capacity in China-Africa relations

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